IHOA Travel Reimbursement Policy

The intent of this policy is to support officials who voluntarily choose to seek professional development opportunities outside of the Greater Indianapolis area.  IHOA may provide financial assistance to cover reasonable costs associated with out of town travel.  However, Applicants should not expect normal living expenses to be covered. 

To help ensure fiscal responsibility, Officials are expected to:

• Exercise good judgement with respect to their expenses

• Spend the association’s funds carefully and judiciously

• Make reservations in advance 

• Check for accuracy of bills 

• Report all expenses promptly 

• Claim reimbursement for necessary and reasonable expenses only 

Permissible use: 

• Development Camp Registration 

• Transportation o Airfare – The lowest logical airfare will be utilized for all travel.  The lowest logical airfare is defined as the lowest available airfare on nonstop or direct flights within two hours on either side of the requested departure time, provided that no more than one interim stop is incurred each way on direct flights.  Connections will be used if the time required does not exceed more than 1.5 hours of additional time and the savings are in excess of $100 each way. 

-Ground Transportation – Car rental should be used only when it is the lowest cost ground of transportation.  A car should be rented with regard to business need rather than personal convenience.  Preferred Car categories are intermediate or smaller.  Weather conditions will be taken into consideration at time of booking. 

- Personal Vehicle – You may request mileage (based on IRS standard) or gas reimbursement; which ever is less. 


- Hotel – The standard will be a double occupancy room with private bathroom in a hotel such as: 

▪ Holiday Inn, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton. 

The Official should try to take advantage of any special discount program acceptable, such as AARP and AAA Memberships. USA Hockey Discounts, Senior Discounts, as well as any others that might apply. 

Non-Reimbursable Expenses:

 • Personal entertainment expenses; meals, movies, health club, airport lounge, alcoholic beverages, 

• Valet parking • Travel accident insurance premiums

• Rental Loss Damage Waiver and Personal Accident Insurance.

• Internet Access 

• Costs incurred by failure to cancel transportation or hotel reservations 

• Airline/Car upgrades

• Personal care items 

• Traffic and/or parking violation fines 

• Travel expenses for significant others. 


• Submit preliminary reimbursement request 

• Once approved, work with designated IHOA Administrator to book tickets or reservations 

• Submit all applicable expenses within 30 days or incurred expenses 

• Reimbursement will be processed on the next regularly scheduled pay-day.